24h Without Smartphone & First YouTube Lookbook Video

Switching off your smartphone for a whole day – yes, it needs some courage to really do it. Due to the current Monthly Topic 24/Social, it was definitely worth the experiment. Actually, the non-smartphone day felt kind of refreshing even though I had to cope with some surprising situations. Here you go with the most memorable experiences, tips and a new kind of outfit inspiration – the first CARMITIVE lookbook video is finally out!

Not That Easy

Suddenly, you realize how much you want to check your phone. Suddenly, the displayed bus timetable becomes essential. Suddenly, you just sit there and watch the people around you how they are tapping around on their smartphones. And suddenly, you see everything from a different point of view. Of course I expected that a day without my iPhone would be quite challenging. Therefore, it was worth it to plan in advance. The evening before, I looked up the App of the public transports and wrote down the connections into my notepad. The following morning, I shut down my phone: there was no checking of WhatsApp messages before starting the day, no scrolling through Instagram during breakfast and no looking at display to consult the watch before leaving the house.

Get the Look: 

Relaxed Concentration

Although the first few hours felt very refreshing, my friends were surprised that I really wanted to do this for 24 hours. It was then I noticed how much they take out their phones and I realized that I probably belong to the ones who use their iPhones a LOT. Whether it’s for checking my e-mails or uploading a new Instagram picture – this squared digital thing really makes a huge part of my life. So all at once, the beeping and alerts did not distract me anymore. I was remarkably relaxed in another way. The same happened when I was waiting for my bus – of course the schedule changed since I had looked it up the evening before. Therefore, I had to look at the displayed timetable at the bus stop for the first time. The remaining time I spent with just sitting there, doing nothing – there are some exciting things happening outside the display though. 

Ultimately, the day was slowly coming to an end and I was on my way to meet a friend at the restaurant. However, it is not that easy to keep your orientation without access to Google Maps. Luckily, a friendly elderly man told me the way and I arrived at the final destination with only a few minutes of delay. After some minutes, another unusual moment occurred: good food, good talks but no update of the obligate food picture on Instagram Stories. So even though I like to share the special impressions in my stories, a short break from time to time puts you into a stress-free mood. However, one of my personal highlights followed just a few hours later: I needed an alternative for the alarm clock of my iPhone. Consequently, I found out how my radio also works as an alarm clock – I might deserve a little pad on the back for this. 🙂

A New Point Of View

Although, this self-experiment lasted for 24 hours “only”, the initial courage and skepticism paid off. I actually think this was not my last no-iPhone-day. This why everyone is officially allowed to give it a try – you can even take it as a recommendation. Just bring your notepad, wear a wristwatch and try to plan some things in advance. With these tips in mind, you won’t end up completely lost. Before giving it a try though, check out the new CARMITIVE YouTube Channel. With the upcoming lookbook videos we wan to bring you outfit inspirations for each Monthly Topic. So here’s the plan: subscribe and after that planning your next digitial detox day!

Text by Carmen

Layout by Angela

Filmed by Ana Gabriela

Film Edit by Ray Uscata