Photo Editing à la CARMITIVE

The demand was huge, so here it is: The official guide for the edits of the CARMITIVE pictures. The following four steps will lead you through the whole development from the original photo to the final result and how to show those edited moments to your social media community the best. As you will notice in just a minute, this process actually no rocket science at all. What you need is the editing program Adobe Lightroom plus the PRESETSBYRAY by Ray Uscata and there you go!

The Secret Ingredient

There are different ways to improve the appearance and look of a picture. Besides thinking of the light and location, the final edit makes it all. Apparently, a lot of filters and apps already exist but somehow; we all know them by now. So why not make it a bit more special? The pictures used on the website and Instagram of CARMITIVE are always edited with Lightroom, which is a picture editing program of ADOBE. You can either get it in a combo package with other programs or in a solo version for a very fair price – which is definitely worth it! Once you got Lightroom, here comes the key element: the right presets. They actually work like other filters but they are a lot more precise as they effect the different layers of the picture. So, whether you like a rather clean look, some warmer tones or you want it more retro – the dynamic PRESETSBYRAY by Ray Uscata offer you a wide selection of custom presets. As soon as you have applied the matching look for your image, it might happen that you fall in love with the captured moment even more. Are you curious? Well, here is how it works!

Step One

Install the PRESETSBYRAY on your computer as described in the Installation Guide.

Open your RAW image on Lightroom – the presets also work for JPGS but for the best results, use the RAW format.

Step Two

Adjust the exposure and white balance of the picture.

Step Three

Apply the preset, which matches the atmosphere of the picture the best. 

RAY Paris White

Step Four

Make some further small adjustments with the exposure and white balance faders until you are happy with the final result.

It Works

As easy as that, you can elevate your pictures to a whole new level of quality and uniqueness. Whether the edited images appear on Instagram, your blog or as printed versions hanging on your wall – the presets will help you to make the best out of the the captured moment. 

RAY Sunset preset
RAY HDR preset
Before and After – RAY Paris White preset
RAY HDR Preset
RAY Paris (Dark) Preset

The Instagram Effect

For all you “Instagrammers” out there, those presets will make your life so much easier. Sticking to the same looks will make the pictures in your feed look consistent and beautiful at first sight. In the end, this is what will make you stick out of the crowd. Besides, it will motivate the new potential followers to click the follow button. 🙂

CARMITIPP: With the UNUM-App (available in the App Store or Google Play), you can easily plan your grid in advance and make sure every picture matches with one another.

RAY Sunset and RAY Teal & Orange presets

Exclusive Promo-Code

RAY HDR preset

After having those tips in mind, it’s time to try them out. With the CARMITIVE promo code you get a 20% off your PRESETSBYRAY package. Use the code carmitive before completing the purchase.

The Giveaway

Here's a last little treat for you – by following CARMITVE and RAYUSCATA on Intstagram you can win a PRESETSBYRAY Pro Package for free!

Leave a comment below this post to confirm your entry.


The giveaway closes on October 15, 2017. 

The winner will be announced in the blogpost of next Sunday and on the Instagram stories of Carmitive.

Text by Carmen

Layout by Angela & Carmen

In creative collaboration with PRESETSBYRAY by Ray Uscata