Trendy Tuesday: Patchwork Pieces

Fabrics and colors all mixed together, always in a different way. This season, the patchwork trend guarantees full excitement, as various designers decided to treat the fashion world with wild combinations of materials. The result: extravagant designs that remind us of pieces of artwork – in a casually cool mood.

They are either based on clear geometric shapes or they appear as a wild mix of fabrics. Simply put, patchwork describes a form of needlework, which implicates seaming together different pieces of materials into a larger design. As the technique is also known for cozy blankets, which our grannies might used to have, it reminds us of the cozy feeling from back in the days. In this sense, the current patchwork trend has a similar story to the corduroy movement, which was the topic of the previous Trendy Tuesday last week. 

So what does it mean when designers like Stella McCartney, J.W. Anderson or Victoria Beckham built their collections on arrays of colors and a selection of blue denim tones? Actually, the answer is not that surprising: the nostalgic glory of patchwork offers our society that certain amount of security. Due to the various unexpected incidents, which happened in the last couple of months, this seems like a valuable reason. It’s not only the grannie factor that spreads some cozy feel-good vibes, but the symbol patchwork stands for in the first place: a diverse unity.

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Click on the products in the picture to shop them directly. 

1 Patchwork Scarf ACNE STUDIOS / 2 Bag CHLOÉ / 3 Boots TOMMY HILFIGER COLLECTION / 4 White Shirt MAJE / Patchwork Jeans CURRENT ELLIOT / 5 6 Patchwork Sweater VICTORIA BECKHAM / 7 Boyfriend Jeans PULL & BEAR / 8 Patchwork Hat MISSONI / 9 Bag J.W. ANDERSON / 10 Velvet Sandals MAJE

This message proves that no matter how different a fabric might be from another, they sometimes just belong together. Often, a piece of clothing first gets that special something with a unique patchwork effect. So instead of separating our society into groups of like-minded people who have the same origin, it may be more exciting to mix it up a bit. Just imagine a huge puzzled-together blanket, which contains all the values of our society and binds us together as one big group of individual patches. By incorporating the current trend into our fall wardrobe, everybody can contribute to spread this feeling more and more – let’s get patched together!

Text by Carmen

Layout by Angela