Outfit: Five Reasons to Wear Corduroy

It’s one of the most loved fabrics of the season: corduroy. Well, a previous Trendy Tuesday edition was already all about how it made its comeback after it was last seen in the 70s. Nevertheless, the material deserves a closer attention. The following five reasons prove: Corduroy is more than just a trend.

Reason #1: Soft & Solid

Coziness as its finest! Let’s face it: corduroy belongs to the comfiest fabrics. Still, the different versions of standard wale, pincord or printed corduroy are solid and tear proof. So whether you wear it in the form of some wide trousers or a jacket, the soft but stable material will be your trusty companion for a cool everyday look.

Reason #2: A Simple Alternative

As we are talking about alternatives this month, corduroy is one of the paragons par excellence. Whichever fabric you are tired up of, just replace it with corduroy – an easy way for treating the wardrobe with some variation.

Reason #3: See You Soon Velvet

Speaking of alternatives, corduroy is definitely an obvious option for velvet. Actually, they both have the same basic structure – except for the ribs, which make the difference. As velvet has belonged to the trend materials for some season now, you might want to mix it up a bit. Well, corduroy will have you covered.

Reason #4: Warm Yourself Up

It’s the time when you see your breath in the wind. Hence, it starts to feel like winter. So apart of drinking tea and putting on some gloves, a set of corduroy pieces warms you up some more – don’t forget the cap by the way.

Reason #5 – Simplicity

Last but not least, a corduroy combo is an easy way for how to make an outfit a simple statement. It neither appears too extravagant nor lavish but it still makes you stand out of the crowd. Especially when the material is worn with its original idea, which made it so popular in the 70s: corduroy symbolizes the confidence of society and it can make each of us feel a more secure – in the end, the attitude makes the actual trend.

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Text by Carmen

Layout by Angela

Photographed by Romana HuberFOURAWAY