Fashion & Society: The Future is Conscious

At the end of Milan Fashion Week, another event came up: the first Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia took place at the “Teatro alla Scala” in Milan. There they honored fair trade fashion companies whose goal it is to reduce the environmental footprint. A huge step indeed, into making our society aware of ecological problems.

The Dream of Sustainability

This year’s Green Carpet “Community and Social Justice Award“ went to Brunello Cucinelli, who has just recently renovated the medieval castle of “Solomeo” in Perugia, which is now the headquarter of his fashion empire. “My big dream has always been, to work for the ecological dignity of man”, he says about his corporate philosophy. But how is today’s society handling sustainable fashion? Is it possible for companies to focus on exactly that concept and last?

As I mentioned in my last article, the millennial generation is known for many things. One of the most important aspects of their lifestyle is consciousness. This way of life results in young companies trying to do good, as recently explained by the online magazine Business of Fashion. They want to work as transparently as possible. Like this, they want to make it possible for consumers to track the whole process, which becomes more and more relevant. That is because their first priority is an honest and conscious life.

An Important Change

That may be the reason why it is now more important than ever, to encourage new and established fashion companies, which are aware of their environment and resources. The Green Showroom in Germany is doing exactly that, by supporting emerging designers from all over Europe. The designers are able to showcase their sustainable fashion at an event during Berlin Fashion Week. An incredible honor for the right companies – the ones that try to make the fashion business a better place and stop exploitation and the environmental damaged caused by the industry.

Fairness For Everyone

At the end of the day it is pretty obvious what we need: our Western society has to stop being selfish and include more countries into their economical system. That is the only way that regions, which have been robbed of their resources for centuries are going to get the needed support. EDUN is one of the labels focusing on this aspect. The fashion company was founded in 2005 and has a mission ever since: support production locations in Africa and appreciate their craftsmanship by incorporating it into their modern designs. Sustainability should look and work exactly like that. For sustainability only makes sense if the whole world participates.

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Text by Rossella

Translation by Vivian

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