Outfit: The Inner Alternative

The temperatures are getting colder, the sky is getting greyer and it seems like the cloudy atmosphere is reflecting itself in our own moods. Well, hello November blues and goodbye happy Indian summer vibes. But why make this month before Christmas so somber? It’s all about changing up the inner attitude and appreciating the several alternatives to be happy about – always with a matching outfit of course.

It’s Never Too Late

„I had rather done it differently.“ In November, there is usually a lot of time left to think about overstayed chances. But why regret the things of yesterday, when you can change the game today? It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a pending language course, a weekend trip or a Gucci bag you didn't buy. First of all, we should be aware of the fact that it is never too late. Maybe there was not enough time to take classes for a foreign language. Maybe it was too much going on to go on a weekend trip. Maybe the Gucci bag did not keep within the budget. But maybe, the time has come today. If not, there are two possible ways to react: A) working towards it or B) finding a suitable alternative.

The Different Kinds of Happiness

Actually, both options have their advantages. The first approach means you have a goal to achieve. It’s really about cherishing this motivation. Ultimately, the whole way of getting there is just as valuable as the end result itself. However, sometimes it makes more sense to go for a plan B. You know, more than one road leads to Rome – or to other destinations. And it doesn’t matter to meet the expectations of society. Why should anyone go to Rome to please somebody? Why should anyone buy a Gucci bag only because others have one too? It might be worth it to really ask oneself whether it’s really the own will. If not, well, there are enough alternatives waiting anyway.

The Outfit to Decide

As situations like these are always linked to emotions, the outfit plays a leading role throughout the whole process. Even back in the 60s, the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent knew, that a clear-cut suit (“Le Smoking”) makes a women feel confident and proud. Luckily, the blazer trend of this fall/winter season is still in its flow. Hence, it won’t be that challenging to find the right piece for the own wardrobe – or more of them. In the end, your favorite blazer can turn every cold November day into a good one.

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Text by Carmen

Layout by Angela

Photographed by Josephine RoyLittle Discovery Girl