Outfit: Talking Easy

That’s "in" right now – how much do we actually hear this sentence and how much does it really answer the purpose? Apart from those standard empty phrases, there are temporary ones, which happen to be dropped over and over again. Here are some of the currently most said quotes, which may have reached their expiry dates.

1. “It’s all about authenticity.”

Since social media makes us all quite comparable, everyone is talking about being authentic. Apparently, every person is unique. Therefore, being different shouldn’t end in dressing up in order to stand out. So instead of imitating others at being their own kind of great, it’s more about concentrating on the own personal values. As soon as we stop wanting to be authentic at any cost, we actually are.

2. “Is it gluten-free?”

“I don’t eat regular pasta, I don’t eat any bread – you know, it contains gluten.” Well, there are some people who really have to deal with a celiac disease. Actually, this is not that funny. Since gluten-free eating has become a diet trend, people seem like they wish to get this diagnosis. Yes, there are some studies, which say that quitting on wheat improves our wellbeing – so everyone can decide by himself. Nevertheless, asking the waiter every single time whether it’s free of gluten is a bit outdated by now – the same is true for lactose by the way. Google provides the same information and otherwise, let’s just give it a try and enjoy it. In the end, balanced eating is the best “diet” to go for.

3. “Can I have a goodie-bag?” (For Bloggers)


Let’s be honest, how many presents do bloggers actually get – and how many of them are vital for life? Of course, it’s nice to test some new products or get some new T-shirts for your wardrobe. But shouldn’t a press day or any event be about getting to know the brand or the new collection? The way I see it, insisting to get a goodie-bag is not very polite because it doesn’t make the appearance, as you would appreciate it. Sometimes, the PR people may forget to give you one – which is quite comprehensible when you see a bunch of 100 people in a short time. In the end, it’s much more worth it to be grateful for being part of the event. 🙂

Of course, it’s human to use those sentences from time to time. Nevertheless, we should maybe get more aware of them and their actual consequences. It’s the same for an outfit: thinking of the overall impression makes a look much more interesting. This is why a hat and some extra cool shoes make the decisive head to toe effect – apart from a nice flower dress, a cozy knit or a biker jacket. Ultimately, one quote will always be in: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Thanks for the reminder Rachel Zoe. 🙂


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Text by Carmen

Photographed by Aline

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