Carmify: December Playlists

December without Christmas music is like the festive season without the stress of finding the perfect present – more relaxed and less annoying at times but definitely more boring and dull. At Carmify, you’ll find two playlists this month, because a Christmas playlist can’t be missing for anyone who celebrates this holiday.

It Starts To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas music has its origin in the fourth century, when the Romans sang praises and hymns. Today the festive music is more likely to be associated with songs, that are overplayed on the radio – still (or maybe because of that) they are just a part oft he holiday season. Also, there are several different versions of each Christmas song. But it’s everyone’s choice if they prefer to listen to the original version of “White Christmas“ by Irving Berlin or to choose Bing Crosby’s take on the classic. Actually, the festive music is more diverse than you might think. Wham! have not been the only ones , who attempted holiday music: Run-D.M.C.’s “Christmas in Hollis“ will probably get every hip-hop fan in the mood. Overall, we all enjoy this kind of music so much because it reminds us of a time that should be all about love. It’s the time when everyone feels kind of safe and well. “Wellbeing“ is the next keyword!

Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby © via Wikimedia
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Festive Tunes of Self-Love

Nina Simone & Gloria Gaynor © via Wikimedia

Since Christmas is the fest of love, it is important to give this love to a special person: yourself! The monthly topic on Carmitive is “Love Yourself“. Self-love is to be seen as a positive quality and is not being mistaken for narcissism or selfishness. Songs such as Nick Minaj’s and Beyoncé’s “Feeling Good“ represent exactly that attitude, that we should internalize more often. Being happy with and feeling oneself simultaneously means to have things straightened out. Self-love has always been a topic processed in songs. In the sixties, it was Nina Simone, who with “Feeling Myself“ explained, that it should be natural to feel that way; just as natural as it is for fish to swim in the sea and blossoms bloom on a tree. In 1978 Gloria Gaynor sings of the process of getting stronger in “I Will Survive“. As she realizes how much better she is doing without the love of someone, who was just putting her down. She also realizes that in some situations you may feel afraid and petrified at first, but come out stronger than before. 

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Christmas & Confidence

Solange Knowels © via Wikimedia

The queens of self-love were probably Destiny’s Child in the nineties, with songs such as “Bootylicious”, “Independent Woman” and “Survivor”. They showed mostly women, that they should be more confident in their own body. Today, the American artist Solange (and little sister of former Destiny’s Child member Beyoncé) shows dark-skinned women and men, how to embrace their heritage, with her song “Don’t Touch My Hair“. She explains that the song points out “what it feels like to have your whole identity challenged on a daily basis, although physically touching the hair is extremely problematic!” Tracks like this one explain why self-love is something way different than narcissism. Well, it is not always easy to get to that state of mind. However, the more we discuss these kinds of topics, the more likely and easy it is for us to take it as an example. So let’s start feeling ourselves!

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