Outfit: The Pink Year

Only a few days left and chapter 12 of 2017 is coming to an end. While it was the year of the elections in Germany and the year of the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it was also the year of millennial pink. It’s the color, which represents the spirit of the last few months as its best – plus it is the perfect choice for a fluffy fake fur coat.

The Uniting Color

From the Spring/Summer collection of Valentino to the Fall/Winter collection of FentyXPuma – millennial pink has been the color of the (everlasting) moment in 2017. Looking back at what happened last year, this color motto makes quite a lot of sense. While some horrible things like the hurricane Irma or international political issues like the ones in Turkey have occurred, we’ve also made great steps forward. The strong feminist voices, the clairaudience about gender discussions and the whole #metoo movement are just some examples to highlight here. During all of those actions, pink has been a reminder of positivity and strength as it has the power to unite groups of people.

This can result in a huge group like the ones of charity marathons for breast cancer awareness on which everyone is wearing pink T-Shirts to make a clear statement. At the fall/winter 17 show of Missoni, the models formed a similar group. For the finale, they walked down the runway with pink “pussy hats”. Let’s call it a little wake-up call from Angela Missoni, who drew inspiration from the “Women’s March” protest walk against the US-president Trump in January. For this impressive demonstration, most of the marchers wore the pink beanies, which symbolize fairness and equality. Apparently, the name “millennial pink” itself makes the importance of the hue pretty clear as well. Even though the actual millennial pink is a softer rose tone, it’s the mood of the color, which makes the difference.

More Pink For A Good Reason

So yes, we can look back on positive milestones, which are still about to grow. Therefore, it’s about learning from the lessons of 2017 and taking them further in 2018. One of them is definitely that the impact of raising your voice gets bigger and bigger – again, the #metoo debate is a perfect example. There are still a lot of things, which should be said out loud(er) and which are worth to talk about: How can the integration of refugees be improved? How will smart objects like Alexa from Amazon or Google Home affect our lives and everyday work change in the longer term? After all, wearing those pink statement pieces will always remind us of the actual power we have. This might be a fluffy fake fur coat or a cozy sweater.

As the color institute Pantone named the inventive, imaginative and future oriented “Ultra Violet” as the color of 2018, pink will definitely be its trusty companion – together they even make a great color combo in your outfit. However, for those who are not in a color-blocking mood, pink makes a great combination with either more pink (you can hardly overdo it) or black-colored classics like some embellished ankle boots or clean culottes trousers. As we were talking about accessories in the previous post, let’s think about some eye-catchers as well. What about a shiny belt bag and a funny beanie like in this look for example? Well luckily, we still have got some time to try out all kinds of pink outfit variations because after chapter 12, the new book of 2018 is about to start – and every page of it deserves some pink power. 🙂

With this in mind, the CARMITIVE Crew wishes you a Merry Christmas.

P.S. As the we are all enjoying and celebrating Christmas; there will be a break of Trendy Tuesday posts in the next two weeks. Until the new trend inspiration is going to be up next year, click here to read through the latest Trendy Tuesday updates.

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