Trendy Tuesday: Go For Gold

Christmas time, aka one of the most beautiful times of the year, is in its full flow. After we have covered different holiday outfits from all green to snowy white combos, it’s now time for the ultimate dress code for Christmas Eve: You guessed it, we’re talking of shimmery and glittery gold outfits.

Sparkle for Christmas

Let’s face it, holiday season means it’s time to shine. This makes it quite obvious, that gold has become a staple when it comes to those festive outfits. It’s the time of the year, when you don’t have to worry about dressing up too shiny, because in fact, you can’t. So even though the gold trend repeats itself every year, it doesn’t get boring at all. Especially when you take your look to new heights: For example, a simple gold top can look even more festive by wearing a ruffled shirt underneath. To make the whole ensemble look even more extravagant, some ruffled trousers are a perfect choice – and don’t forget your metallic boots by the way. When you are uncertain about whether wearing a full gold look or not, just think of how it will make you shine. So yes, a gold outfit – or even just some delicate accessories –increase a confident attitude. Let’s put it like this: gold is not just shiny and glamorous but also sophisticated and strengthening.

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Show some Gold

Oh and of course, gold goes with a very precious attribute as well. Therefore it makes the ideal inspiration for Christmas presents. So let’s show your beloved ones how much they mean to you with some gold magic. To change up the usual presents a bit, why not make them more personal: Some letter-shaped earrings are lovely personalized gifts. Here, the perfect additional surprise is a display box where the new earrings can be kept in safe place. Well, if your best friend is a pineapple fanatic, have a look at the sequin pillow from Urban Outfitters – probably most of us would love some exotic glittery fruits on our bed anyway. So apparently, some shimmery vibes make this Christmas time even more beautiful and festive. Whether you add in some metallic hues into your outfits or let your presents shine to the fullest – there is always a good reason to go for gold.

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