Trendy Tuesday: O Christmas Tree

„O Christmas tree, your branches green delight us!“ – those lyrics and the corresponding melody will always be classics. Well, such as green stands for a decorated Christmas tree, the color belongs to the most popular ones in our wardrobes for this month. After all, we not only want to have the positive and festive tree standing in our living rooms but also feel the mood while wearing our Christmassy green outfits.


O How Joyfully Green

Calming, happiness and tolerance – green symbolizes balanced neutrality. Therefore, it seems likely that the color is so popular during Christmas time. It’s the season, in which we try to forget all the bad things while listening (or singing) “O how joyful” and Co. Even though this might not always be that easy to let all the sorrows, the green fir trees still have a relaxing impact on our wellbeing – it can even be increased with some colorful baubles. So why not incorporate those vibes into our outfits? The Christmassy cheerfulness can either result out of some delicate accessories or a full all-over look. Well, there is definitely no green overdressing this month.


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Happiness To Wrap Up

To give this festive mood to your beloved ones as well, let’s go for some Christmas presents in green. For example, what about a bilious green Polaroid camera from Instax? Like this, the beautiful Christmas time can be captured straight away. For all cooking pros – or those who like it sweet from time to time – a waffle maker would be a great surprise for sure. However, if your best friend prefers salty treats she might be delighted about a funny avocado-shaped purse. Speaking of accessories: Just get inspired by the current fake-fur teddy trend. A cuddly emerald green collar is definitely as appropriate for this season as it is to watch Christmas movies at home. Here, a pouf pillow can make everything even more cozy and joyful. With this in mind, a Christmas tree and some cheerful Christmas songs are the only parts, which will make the sharing of the presents even more jubilant.


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Background Picture © Johnny Lai via Flickr

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