Trendy Tuesday: Santa Comes in Red

Mandarins, gingerbread and candy canes – even though St. Nicholas Day is celebrated differently in every country, Christmas time is always about some yummy sweets and treats. Another similarity is the one and only dress code, which the Santa Clause in the US, the Joulpukki in Finland or the Samichlaus in Switzerland stick to. As those Christmas preparations are in its full flow, it’s time to get inspired of this all-red classic.

Christmassy in Red

As mentioned in the December editorial, red not only stands for love but also for self-love. It might be obvious that Santa has enough reasons to love himself – who would not want to make the whole world happy though? However, we can do it just as good. Maybe it might get a bit difficult to make every single person in this world happy but it’s also worth it to show some love to our family and friends – because it will make us content as well. So when it comes to the presents, let’s go for a touch of red. What about a cozy “Onesie” with a funny candle to enjoy some relaxed evenings? For all musical- and shoe-fans out there, some tickets for the Kinky Boots Musical might be the perfect idea. It tells the story of the son of a shoemaker, who is about to bring the factory of his dad back to life – with a special idea in mind. On his journey, he meets a drag queen, who will change his and the audience’s point of view probably forever. If the musical does not play in your area though, “The Shoe Book” might be the perfect idea to place underneath the Christmas tree. So, it seems that there are such as many red marked presents, as Santa and his elves create surprises at the North Pole – well, there’s no getting around some Christmas magic.

1 "Onesie" Jumpsuit ONEPIECE / 2 Candle BELLA FREUD PARFUM / 3 Tickets KINKY BOOTS MUSICAL / "The Shoe Book" ASSOULINE

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When in Doubt, Wear Red

Luckily, there is more variation to choose from all-red outfits. Let’s be honest, the same coat with white fur borders, matching trousers and pointed cap would get a bit boring after a while. Apparently, you can mix and match some red accessories with a red statement coat or some (Kinky) boots. To fulfill the Christmas vibes as it’s best, just add in some ruffles or a plaid print. Last but not least, don’t forget about candy cane and your look à la Santa is complete.

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1 Beanie & OTHER STORIES / 2 Bag MARNI / 3 Sneakers NIKE / 4 Ruffled One-Shoulder Top EDITED THE LABEL / 5 Ruffled Trousers VILA / 6 Coat With Fake Fur Applications MANGO / 7 Track Pants With Red Details MANGO / 8 Scarf JOHNSTONS OF ELGIN / 9 Belt MANGO / 10 (Kinky) Boots TRADEMARK

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