Lookbook #4: More Minimal Means More Fun

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Minimalism? Boring? As if! The lifestyle with the motto “more is less” is not for nothing one of the most emulated trends. Whether it’s in fashion, interior design or art, it’s actually a lot of fun to experiment with the minimalistic principles. For now, let’s concentrate on the outfits. All you have to keep in mind are the easy basic rules of the fourth CARMITIVE Lookbook.

It’s more than perfectly assorted capsule wardrobes and Instagram feeds, but it’s still less of everything. Apparently, the interpretation of minimalism is not always that clear because it has always followed the course of time. The reduction of purism firstly emerged in the early 20s with the beginning of the Bauhaus aesthetic until it made its full breakthrough in the 60s and 70s, when it showed up in arts and music. So as a matter of fact, minimalism somehow has always been present. Now the question is, why do we pay so much attention to this clean design right now? Well, one possible answer seems pretty natural: in times of turbulent and exhausting happenings – whether you look at our consumer society or the fashion industry – people are longing for clean lines and a calm atmosphere. In the end, this is exactly what the minimalism of today stands for. It’s an own lifestyle of which designers draw inspiration again and again. So how to bring this attitude into your outfits? Click play and find it out in the lookbook “”.

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Filmed by Ana Gabriela

Edit by Ray Uscata