Trendy Tuesday: PFW Special

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“There are no rules in the fashion game now.” This is how Vogue indicated the exciting decade of the 70s some years ago. In fashion, this attitude was seen in the vintage dresses of the 30s, flare jeans, fringes and lots of boots. It seems as this year, the same spirit of freedom was present in the mood of several designers. This also applies on Coach and Longchamp, who both showed their collections for the upcoming fall/winter season in their showrooms in Paris. Even though we have to be a bit patient until the final drop of the collections, we can already get ready with a foretaste of what’s to come. As the inspiration is already visible in the bags of the current collections, the prep gets even more fun!


At Coach, we can definitely look forward to loads of leather fringes, long dresses with paisley prints and a muted color palette from orange to purple. Creative director Stuart Vevers decided to go for a strong and sophisticated fall collection. You can even feel a slight touch of spooky gothic vibes. However, the collection still appears light and romantic thanks to details like silver charms, embroideries and reversible garments – which is a clear link to the 70s. Moreover, Vevers incorporated the Coach mascots into the collection, which give the pieces an even cooler and more amusing mood. Luckily, we don’t have to wait until fall season until we can take out “Rexy” and his cute friends because you can already find them in the current bag collection. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to resist such a practical and droll tote bag!

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1 Camera Bag COACH x KEITH HARING / 2 White Tote Bag COACH x KEITH HARING / 3 Penguin Print Soho Bag COACH / 4 „Rexy“ Printed Tote Bag COACH / 5 Purse COACH / 6 White Cross Body Bag COACH


„It’s a collection for the modern-day Amazon woman” – what should this mean exactly? Actually, I had to take a closer look at the Longchamp winter collection before I understood this association. For now, I think there couldn’t be a better description. They especially focused on long dresses, fluffy fabrics and boots in all variations – from over-the-knee to over-the-thigh or simple ankle boots. With the add-ins of western details and hues like honey, olive, mocha or burgundy, the clothes are real throwbacks of the 70s. So what’s it all about this modern-day Amazon now? Well, even though the collection shows up with lots of appliques and accessories, it’s perfect for a practical every-day look – no matter if you are living in the city or are just headed to the countryside. Without too much effort, the clothes help you to grow in confidence and a self-assured attitude. In turn, these characteristics apply on the Amazons of the Greek mythology, who were also known as a tribe of women warriors. So maybe we could all remember ourselves of our inner morale from time to time. Just wrap it up in a suede midi dress and you’ll find your own inner Amazon right away.

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1 Black and Camel Bag LONGCHAMP / 2 Pink Bag LONGCHAMP / 3 Le Pliage Bag LONGCHAMP / 4 Fringe Bag LONGCHAMP / 5 Mini Camel Bag LONGCHAMP / 6 Pink Backpack LONGCHAMP

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Photographed by Nicole & Carmen