Lookbook #6: Goodbye Comfort Zone, Hello New Sneakers!

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Wearing a fancy outfit, daring to go for a purple lipstick or ask random people to paint on your own sneakers. This does not really sound like the usual agenda – but why? Let’s have a look at today’s lookbook. I hope it will be some kind of a motivation booster!

For the last four weeks, we dedicated our CARMITIVE topics to our initial inspiration of the month: leaving your comfort zone. Apparently, it became clear quite quickly that it is often difficult to do so. The different stories about designersmusicians and trends however, showed that those new experiences and approaches are all worth the struggles. Of course, this also comes with the outfit. In the end, you need the right pair of shoes to step out of that cozy comfort zone. In the case of today’s lookbook video, unknown people I just met that day, drew on my sneakers. This means the comfort zones were actually challenged on both sides. 

On one hand, I had to overcome myself to convince those nice peeps of my slightly unusual idea.On the other hand, not everyone might have been comfortable to take a marker and draw something on shoes of an overexcited girl. The result: those white sneakers turned into colorful unicums in just a few minutes. Each motif has its own story. And even though the conversations and new acquaintances are not visible in the first place, they make the shoes even more special. At this point, a big thank you goes to all creative sneaker-drawers! For more impressions and possibilities to step out of your comfort zone with the right outfit, just press play!

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Filmed by Ana Gabriela

Edit by Carmen

Layout by Angela