News: Time for A Fashion Revolution!

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“Come on, I dare you!” – who isn’t familiar with this more or less motivating saying. It could be the mother, sitting on the pool edge, encouraging her daughter to jump off the diving board into the water or the father, who affectionately summons his son to talk to his crush for the first time.


All of us have tried to bolster somebody up once before. Because being brave is important, that’s what we were told ever since we were children – because weren’t it always the stronger kids who would get their way? Indeed, it is totally okay not to be brave in some situations and give somebody else the advantage, but even in adulthood we are often able to achieve better things, if we learn to overcome our fears.


Meanwhile, being brave and different is “bon ton” in the fashion industry. Only the ones who are risking something, who are surprising with new ideas and who are standing their grounds, are in debate. But it’s just as important for designers and labels to risk something fashionwise, as it is to be transparent. In fact, being transparent requires much more bravery. That’s exactly what the fashion revolution week is about. It’s taking place from 23 to 29 of april.

“Who actually makes my clothes? And under which conditions?” – whoever is interested in these questions, is encouraged to post a photo of their clothing tag on different social media platforms and to tag the brand under the hashtag #whomademyclothes this week. Of course, it is really interesting to see, which brands will actually have the courage to answer.   

Everyone Has A Voice

Fashion Revolution is a global organization which was born after the terrible accident at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. On April 24 in 2013, 1138 people were killed during the collapse of the building. One year later, the Fashion Revolution Day, which takes place on the anniversary of the disaster (today it’s five years ago), was brought into life. This time, it’s the second year a whole week is dedicated to this topic. Even in Germany there are many events this week. For the organizers, it is very important to spread awareness about the bad working conditions in fashion industry.

The organization celebrates fashion as a positive influence, but the branch should be examined accurately and issues should be cured. So with the help of the Fashion Revolution Week, the costumers should encourage big fashion companies, to make their supply chains more transparent. Most of the labels actually don’t really care about the workers, who are sewing their clothes daily. They don’t have voices, which are able to change something – but costumers have. The companies place importance on what their buyers are thinking. Last year over 100.000 people were spreading their photos under the hashtag #whomademyclothes and 2.416 brands actually did give specific information about their supply chains.

Apparently, the whole campaign won’t tell you where you have to shop your clothes. Still, awareness on where your daily clothes is coming from is spread and hopefully the whole manufacturing process is getting more transparent. Therefore, I dare you to post some photos with the hashtag! 

Text by Aline

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