Trendy Tuesday: Let’s Dress Up Funny!

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A little kitschy, a little cute, a little amusing. Lately, the designers have come up with several ideas to give their collections that ironic little something. They play around with logos or they turn unexpected features into eye-catchers. So let’s have a look at those fun key pieces, which are the common thread of this season’s collections.

Save Humor

Fluffy adilette slides meet T-shirts with the company’s logo of DHL. Daddy sneakers, which used to be very uncool, are the hippest shoes of the season and Balenciaga tries to make fun of us with earrings, which resemble beer mats. What’s going on with all you designers out there? Well, we already focused on this question in a previous post. Hence, fashion’s change of mood has been leading the path to consumer’s change of mood. After we tried to find a reason for everything and anything that happens in our world, it’s finally time to laugh some more in between and make the best out of every situation.

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Funny Times For Better Styles

Actually, the fashion world has been handing us their gags on a silver platter. However, now it is all about to incorporate them into our everyday looks. Here, the only rule is that there is no rule. The outfits should be fun, challenging and make other people smile. At the same time, a fun print or a childish charm also shows that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. On this regard, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele is a perfect example: instead of the common Gucci logo, he just printed “Guccy” on this season’s iPhone cases, sweatshirts and bags. After all, he made a clear but ironic statement against the Gucci copies on the black market.

Also Miuccia Prada played around with her traditional letters and showed different logo variations in this spring/summer collection. Even labels such as Fendi or Calvin Klein keep changing their trademarks. So one reason for this clever move is the raising numbers of users and time spent on social media. Once a logo is posted, it shows up in various feeds. If it makes us laugh, it’s not only beneficial for the brand’s awareness but also for our level of happiness. So apparently, it seems like a good trend to appreciate. Let’s dress up funny!

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