Trendy Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Love Linen

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Light and robust all in one. Linen is the material of the hour – or rather the material of the whole summer. As the following five reasons will show, there are definitely multiple features we can benefit from while wearing the airy dresses and co. So let’s say thank you to all the labels such as Isabel Marant, Gucci, Jacquemus or J.W. Anderson, which introduced us to this trend. They showed us why to love linen!

1. Linen Is Ecological

It came from the mummies in the ancient Egypt to the runways of today. Well, this comparison might sound a bit harsh but it displays the historical importance of linen. Already the pharaohs and their contemporaries appreciated the different advantages of the textile. Since the material is made from the fibers of the flax plant, the production has been ecological since the beginning and it still is today. Probably, it was this sustainable characteristic that made the designers come up with linen again. Since it can be 100% recycled, it matches the current conscious zeitgeist perfectly. So once again, the trend proves that an eco-standard can be cool – and that it has various advantages as following points can tell. 

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2. Linen Is A Temperature Talent

Thanks to its cooling effect, it’s no surprise that linen is a typical summer garment. The fibers absorb up to 35% off the atmospheric humidity, which feels like a constant refresh for the skin even on warmer days. At the same time, linen pieces are the ideal companions for those summer nights because they keep warm in a dry condition. This means: goodbye sweating and cold breeze, hello linen outfits!  P.S. The absorption of humidity also results in a dirt-resistant feature. We shouldn’t use the sleeve of the blouse as a napkin anyway. 🙂

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3. Linen Is Airy & Light

The fibers of the flax plant are the reason why linen keeps its tearing strength even after the manufacturing process. Therefore the textile is not known for figure-hugging silhouettes. So this season’s collections of labels like Mansur Gavriel or Burberry are full of loose and wide cuts made out of the nonchalant fabric. After all, the designs of the skirts, midi dresses and wrap tops all stand for a unburdened and relaxed summer time.

4. Linen Is Versatile

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Just as the fiber is multitalented itself, you can style it in various options. Whether it shows up in an all-over look or in a combination with denim or silk, the trend goes with any type mood. Moreover, the typical natural shade matches with diverse color palettes. If you are more up for a version in pink or blue, the muted colors are the ideal companions for your summer outfits!

5. Linen’s Is Almost Perfect

Well, nobody is perfect – and neither is linen. However, it’s all about the right attitude. Due to the stiff structure of fibers, linen is likely to crinkle. Nevertheless, this “blemish” can look pretty cool. The slight crinkle-effect can result in that certain something of the whole look. If that’s too much though, you can always rely on half-linen, which is a mix of linen and cotton. The softer version of the garment does not crinkle that fast and therefore it’s a practical alternative. Yet, it is not that sustainable as a 100% linen fabric – except it’s a mix with bio cotton of course. So who does love linen even more by now? Ultimately, our friends back in the ancient Egypt already knew that you can always count on linen pieces!

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