Carmify: July Playlist

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Hot town, summer in the city! While the temperatures are still indecisive about whether they really want to be hot, most of us are desperately trying to find those summer vibes. While there is not one definition about the perfect summer vacation, there certainly are some songs that will get anyone into the vacation mood.

Write Me To Escape!

A classic beach vacation is never a bad idea: slurping on fruity cocktails underneath some palm trees just screams “Escape”. For many, that is pure relaxation. Others may find it a bit boring. So those who are on the braver and more adventurous side, wax your surf boards and conquer those waves! Need help finding the perfect location? Just listen closely to the Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA”: Del Mar, Ventura County line, Santa Cruz, Wamaia Bay, Narabine. The song was written by Brian Wilson in 1963, and while he was not a big surfer himself, the brother of his girlfriend at the time was. So he wrote him a list with all the surf hotspots “inside, outside USA”. Hearing that iconic melody most certainly makes you think of beach scenes in the sixties, right? However, you don’t always have to fly to the other end of the world for that perfect vacation. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t enjoy an „Island in the Sun“? But some may simply enjoy those days that are “easy like Sunday morning”. You know what else would help? The mindset, that you shouldn’t worry – be happy!

Spotify, Song, Newcomer, Playlist, Music, Song, Listen, Music Playlist
Beach Boys

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Hence, vacation songs don’t have to be about summer at all. There are those songs that remind us of our time in “Barcelona”, “Panama” or a night of Manila. The latest single by the Austrian band Bilderbuch “eine nacht in manila" talks about flip flops, cola and rum. And about the fact that we don’t need wifi. The latter especially, we should take into consideration more often. It seems as though we only had a perfect vacation if we post at least five pictures of it on Instagram. Oh and don’t forget about the #tbt pics a month later. Relaxing and literally disconnecting seems impossible.

Spotify, Song, Newcomer, Playlist, Music, Song, Listen, Music Playlist
Bilderbuch © Pistenwolf via Wikimedia
Spotify, Song, Newcomer, Playlist, Music, Song, Listen, Music Playlist
Blondie © Private Stock Records via Wikimedia

But vacation is all about that, isn’t it? And to be fair, it is kind of hard to do that, with the constant buzzing of your phone and push notifications popping up on your screen. It certainly is easier to relax by having fun. So just enjoy the sun, “the warm far away” like Blondie or do it like Mick Jagger and David Bowie: by “Dancing in the Street”. And if you’re still unsure about how that is supposed to work, “write to me and escape”!

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