Travel: The Unexpected Getaway-Guide, Part I

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Discovering new places, getting to know new cultures and getting inspired by unexpected places – this is what holidays are made for! While the usual destinations such as Italy or the South of France are everlasting classics, this guide will be all about emerging countries and their (upcoming) fashion designers, which are definitely worth to discover before everyone else does. 

Green, greener, Slovenia

The small country next to Austria has much more to offer than you probably think. It’s really about the breathtaking nature and the numerous free-time activities it has to offer. Apparently, these are only a few reasons why Slovenia has evolved in such a special and interesting destination, which slowly becomes more attractive to tourists.

If you look at photos of Slovenia, there is this small church, being enthroned on an island in the middle of the Lake Bled. The lake is located in the north of the country and it is one of the warmest in the Alps.  Anyone who places value on tradition on vacation, can easily take a ride to the church “Mariä Himmelfahrt” with one of the so called “Pletnas”, which are navigated by standing oarsmen. But a trip to the island isn’t only for culture lovers. Legend says, that a wish will come true to anyone tolling the church bell.

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Hikers should definitely plan a trip to the Kozjak Falls. The small waterfall can be found in a cave, which is easily reached by foot. The impressive scarps and the clear blue water could even make you feel like you are on an island like Bali as well.

Whitewater-Kayaking, Canyoning or Rafting – the list of sport activities is long. The blue-green soca, a river in the region Goriska, not only looks like paradise but is also a dream come true for every water sportsman, or the ones who want to become one.


The yummy Bled cream cake has its origin in the small village Bled and is worth a visit to Slovenia!

Must-Know: Fashion Designer Peter Movrin from Slovenia

Slovenia is not only becoming a popular travel destination but also a fashion country. The designer Peter Movrin spent his childhood and his early life in Slovenia. Those memories have influenced his style to this day. The Central Saint Martins Womenswear graduate got inspired by an old photograph of his time in Slovenia for his MA collection. When the picture was taken, construction workers were reproofing the family’s home, which led Movrin to incorporate working gear elements in his collection.

As a son of a butcher, Movrin likes to work with his hands. Instead of drawings, he prefers to work on the mannequin directly. So he drapes the fabrics around the body to see how they look best. For the designer though, the decision about materials is the most important step of the design process: “The right fabric is the basis of every new design.” Although Movrin works internationally and has designed dresses for Lady Gaga, Björk or The Hunger Games movie, his clothes are still handcrafted in his home country Slovenia.


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Summer, Sun, Cyprus

Cyprus. You may easily think of holiday at the beach and hot summer days. Indeed, the island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is a paradise for water lovers but it is also a very interesting place when it comes to culture.

The harbor town Limassol provides numerous beaches for swimming – such as the Lady’s Mile Beach on the Akrotiti half island, which is especially loved by surfers. Besides, the second biggest city on the island has a new and an old harbor. The old harbor is really idyllic because it is mostly used by small fishing boats. The cute cafés and restaurants around the area are perfect for a little rest with a sea view.

Fashion, Fashionblog, Fashion Magazine, Editorial, Column, Respect, Meaning, Word, Fashion Inspiration, Style Blog, Travel, Getaway, Holidays, Vacation, Slovenia, Georgia, Sea, Ocean, Travels, Adventure, Summer, Summer 2018

Must-Know: Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan from Cyprus

The designer Hussein Chalayan grew up in Cyprus, until he moved to England with his family at the age of eight. Today, the fashion shows of the Central Saint Martins graduate seem like performances or stage plays, in which he blends fashion and art into a whole. Chalayan is a conceptual artist, who loves to experiment with new technologies and materials. His collections and fashion shows often have a political or contemporary background.

One time, he arranged an entire living room on the catwalk, only for the models to fold the furniture into suitcases and make dresses out of the sofa covers at the end of the show. With this show, Chalayan, who was born in turbulent Cyprus as well, wanted to draw attention to the refugees, who have to be ready for departure anytime. To this day, the son of Turkish-Cyprian parents is still one of the most innovative and adventurous fashion designers.

Stay tuned for Part II of the Unexpected Travel-Guide next Friday!

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