Fashion & Society: Time To Take Time

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La Dolce Vita. Everyone knows the meaning behind those simple three words. It’s about enjoying your life to the fullest and not stressing yourself because of everything and anything. Just to make sure you get into the feeling here: imagine you are zipping an espresso on the piazza while soaking up all the positive energy. It displays a scene of an easy-going lifestyle, which probably everyone would like to adapt into his everyday life sometimes. However, in the days of our optimization society, it is more likely to cringe and strive after perfectionism instead.

It is no big secret that our world demands everything to be better, faster and more profitable. Nevertheless, it can be quite exhausting to accept a stressful just to get the best of the best. Therefore, the whole optimization trend has started the contra movement of deceleration. According to the dictionary, it describes the trend of slowing down certain activities. It stands for the conscious decision to keep away from a hectic life. Sounds pretty good.

Why Interior Trends Are Role Models For A Stress-Free Everyday Life

This movement was also the inspiration for the interior design duo Arianna Lelli and Chirara Di Pinto from Studiopepe when they presented their latest collection at the annual furniture exhibition “Salone del Mobile” in Milan this April. They furnished an apartment with seven rooms, which they called “Club Unseen”. Colorfully speaking, it was all about warm pastel tones, spreading a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The big living rooms reminded of cozy lounges and to complete the soothing vibes, a local live band welcomed the visitors. In the private club, which seemed far away from the routine world, the guests had the chance to take a short break from the usual everyday schedule.

How Time Has Become Fashionable

In the last few years, the movement of fashion evolved quite similarly to our everyday life. With more capsule collections and the success of “see-now-buy-now”, the world of fashion has stated the same rhythm like the fast growing society. At the same time, the progress of digitalization changed the whole market. Today, everyone can attend the runway shows by watching live videos or Instagram Stories. It’s not even special anymore. However, with more shows and happenings going on, the pressure of consuming is growing. On one hand, the guests of the shows want to be the fastest of posting videos, pictures and runway reports; on the other hand, consumers and followers want to know and see everything. Nobody wants to miss on anything. This is why also editors hop to one show after another, constantly having their smartphones ready to take the perfect shot at the perfect time. It seems as a never-ending run after time.

Fashionable Ways To Save Time

Apparently, a countermovement has evolved over the last couple of years, too. In 2017, Jason Wu decided to merge the two main collections with the capsule collections. Instead of various presentations, there are only two bigger ones happening throughout the year. Compared to the regular fashion calendar, Wu took a remarkable step forward that sets a statement. Other alternatives can be find at labels such as Burberry, Tom Ford, Vetements or Gucci since they present the womenswear and menswear collections together in one show. According to Marco Bizarri, CEO at Gucci, it simplifies several aspects of the business. In an interview Bizarri also stated that the amount of gained time could be used to reduce the constant pressure of self-optimization and to appreciate life in a whole different way.


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So the main thought is not far to seek: many designers – whether they come from the fashion or interior sectors – are pioneers in taking important steps forward towards alternative, time-appreciating lifestyles. In this way, the primordial need of enjoying a simple quite moment gets more and more important. And yes, sometimes you have to bring the manners of society into question.  After all, drinking an espresso on the Piazza has never hurt anybody, right?

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