Trendy Tuesday: The Best Christmas Outfits from Glamorous to Cozy

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Half of the doors in our Advent calendars have already been opened and half of the candles in our Advent wreaths have already been lit. It’s officially Advent-half-time. This means: there are only two weeks left to get the presents, to stroll through the Christmas markets and to prepare the outfits for the festivities. When it comes to sartorial Christmas decisions, it’s not only about chic dresses, but also about cozy sweaters of course.

Since chances are high that the upcoming two weeks will fly by as fast as Santa’s sleigh, it feels quite convenient to find all of the Christmas outfit picks in one place. Preferably with the possibility to still compare different labels with each other. Actually, the looks of today’s Trendy Tuesday post, which were all found at the online shopping space Fashion ID, prove that this tactic works pretty well. After all, it doesn’t really matter what style you are looking for but what it feels like to wear it. What about some nostalgic vibes for example?

Christmas Looks: Nostalgic Glamour

Apparently, this doesn’t automatically mean you have to dress up like back in the days of your granny – even though those looks can look pretty cool as well. It is all about the timeless character of a garment. Since Hubert de Givenchy introduced the first Little Black Dress for Audrey Hepburn in the movie „Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, it has stayed a classic that will always work. Maybe it just needs a little update in in the form of gold stripes. You can hardly go wrong with some extra glamour during Christmas anyway. However, if you are more up for a colorful statement, let’s get inspired by the man who will wear his iconic outfit forever: just go for a Santa red.

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1 Red Dress M MISSONI / 2 Gold Beanie KURT BEINES / 3 Metallic Crossbody Bag COACH / 4 Embellished Boots INUOVO

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1 Christmas Sweater JAKE'S / 2 Checked Skirt PINKO / 3 Black Scarf BOSS / 4 Silver Bag CALVIN KLEIN / 5 Fluffy Black Slippers UGG

Christmas Looks: Nostalgic Cozy

Shop the Looks:

Thinking of the snugly times on the couch watching Christmas movies, a red cocktail dress might be a bit over the top. Nevertheless, you definitely can’t hold back the nostalgic feelings when Kevin and the Grinch are spreading some Christmas magic like they have done it forever. To make this atmosphere even more familiar and cozy, you might need some yummy snacks, a cute Christmas sweater with some playful prints on it and some fluffy slippers.

In case the snowmen and candy canes are too much to wear on a sweater, a comfy allrounder such as an easy cardigan or a pink polka-dotted shirt is just as good of course. They actually even have the advantage to wear them not only during Christmas time. As basics, they even match those kinds of pieces, which tell a personal story and which make Christmas so unique. Whether it’s an inherited necklace, a pair of shoes you have been saving up for months or a bag borrowed from mom. Christmas is that time of the year, when it’s all about those little everlasting memories. 

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1 Black Beret S.MARLON / 2 Red Bag COCCINELLE / 3 Black Hiking Boots Vagabond / 4 Norwegian Turtleneck Sweater WEEKEND MAX MARA / 5 Checked Skirt VERO MODA

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