CARMITIVE is a Fashion-Blogazine that focuses on styling inspiration and individuality. The different categories unite the core values of the objective texts, diverse outfits and direct shopping links. Whether a post covers a topic about a certain fashion outfit, fitness exercises or a music playlist – each of them is seamlessly linked to the current zeitgeist. The end result is a marriage of  inspiration, news and history, all brought together in a fashionable way – the CARMITIVE way. 

In August 2017, CARMITIVE got a great makeover. Maintaining the same strong philosphy, but now with the support of new and exciting crew members. The team set about providing the readers a more encompassing and trend-orientated content. Within two years, CARMITIVE reached its goal as an established, positive minded blogazine, which brings fashion and people together, in one place. 

Carmen Jenny – Founder and Editor

"Every outfit and every trend tell a story." As an all-time fashion enthusiast, Carmen founded CARMITIVE as a platform to share these ideas and make fashion understandable. The name bursts into life from the combination of Carmen's name and her positive attitude. In her articles with clear messages, she combines fashion with current social topics, travels and a healthy lifestyle. Like this, she aims to provide her readers a refreshing point of view whilst demonstrating how fashion touches every part of our lives.

Angela Gundolf – Layout

Texts, images and fonts – it’s the layout what makes an article really special. With a clear and creative look, Angela knows how to put the posts into the perfect light. Like this, she manages to translate her sense for fashion in an own artistic language.

 Aline Ganguin – Editor

Her writing style impresses. Aline definitely knows how to play on words just as she does with her outfits. So, in her own way, she wraps up the latest fashion News into exciting stories. 

Eva Kapeller – Editor

Continually up-to-date but always with a critical mind – Eva is one of the frontrunners when it comes to the happenings in the  fashion world. Therefore, she is a pro for the News category, in which she covers the latest runway shows, designer stories and newcomer discoveries. 

Rossella Lofino – Editor

She cares about the well-being of other people and therefore, Rossella’s commitment for more equality and integration is huge. With her Italian temperament, the positive-minded fashion editor represents the category Fashion & Society. In her posts, she talks about how the two components influence each other.

Vivian Harris – Editor

She never leaves the house without her pink iPod. Besides her own talent for singing, even her outfits make it obvious, that she has a very close connection to music. In the category Carmify, she combines her musical passion with fashion and literally gives every post her personal note.