Hi my friends,

I hope you all had a great start into this week! Today’s Trendy Tuesday edition is all about the fresh and super summery rainbow trend. There was definitively no way of overlooking the mix of all the different colors at the last fashion shows for spring summer 2016. Especially Chloé showed some amazing rainbow-inspired pieces. Another striking element of the past fashion week were tassels. These sweet little bundled up fringes are such a great way to give every outfit a cheerful twist.


Hi my loves,

What’s your favorite color – blue, green, white or maybe pink? Well of course this can change a bit depending on your mood. But basically, do you have this one favorite color? When it comes to clothes, it  also depends on the occasion of course. Black, white and nude tones are like these basic colors which probably everyone has got in their wardrobe. But there are also these situations in which you want a little pop of color in your look right? 

Hi my loves,

Spring is the season to finally wear those dresses, shorts and crop tops again. Aaw I just love it. Even though the weather has been really nice and warm lately, I like to have something with me which I can flick over my shoulder. You know, it’s still a bit fresh in the morning and some of these air conditioners make me feel like hanging around in a freezer – well at least almost. 😉 So one trend this season is definitively the bomber jacket. What I love about the bomber is its cool cut which gives every outfit a super cool and edgy twist. As there has been such a hype about the bomber jacket it is now available in various styles and it can be styled in so many different ways.


Happy beloved Mother’s day my sweethearts,

I hope you’re all enjoying a great time with your moms today. This post is dedicated to not only my mom but to all those great mothers out there. This day should really be about being grateful and giving something back. It doesn’t matter what you give your mother as a present or how you surprise her. I think the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Hi my loves,

do you all have your gifts ready for Mother’s day on Sunday? I just love this day and I think every mom should get a bit pampered. Well as there are only six days left, I thought that today’s Trendy Tuesday edition should be a sweet and lovely last-minute gift-guide. You know, getting your mom some trendy stuff. 🙂 Well, I always feel like it’s a bit challenging to find the perfect present for Mother’s Day. But I think the best gifts are the ones she can use or look at every day. So in this inspiration board, I put you together some picks which your mum – hopefully – will love.


Hi my sweets,

Sometimes I have these moments when I ask myself  ‘Why did you just do this?’ Do you know these situations? It’s like you are annoyed at yourself. Maybe you always leave to late in the morning or you are a bit touchy if not anything goes how it should. Well, I think everyone has got such a little quirk – I like to call it my little monster. For example, I am a super perfectionist. I always want everything to be flawless. It often happens that I concentrate myself on getting everything done perfectly that I forget about other things – which are probably much more important.

Hi loves,

And another week has passed – uh, time flies!  So it’s another Trendy Tuesday and today’s inspiration is the safari trend which I love because of two reasons. First, I love the colors and the vibe of safari-inspired pieces. In the spring summer collections of Versace and Valentino were a lot of earth tones like olive-green, burgundy and brown. With the clear cuts and some animal-prints, the outfits spread these strong and confident vibes. What I also like about these collections is how they are a little bit different from the usual spring trends. I mean, I love girly dresses and pretty flower tops. But sometimes you’re in the mood for something a bit more edgy and for some other colors, aren’t you?


Hi loves and happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend so far. Well, lately I’ve been thinking about so many things. For example, have you ever thought about how you appear to others? How do you act when you meet someone for the first time or when you see your friends at the weekend? Of course, these examples are two very different situations. But looking at them together they both tell something about your attitude. Well, characters are influenced by so many attributes. Some people are more keen on adventures while others are more cautious or easy-going.  However, I think there are two traits of character which everyone should have –  a positive way of thinking and confidence

Hi my sweethearts,

Are you all overflowed of Coachella pictures and videos after Instagram and Snapchat have been full them? It would be so amazing to be a part of this great festival one day. I mean, it’s like an all-day fashion show in the desert with amazing live music and great weather – it’s just all you need. But let’s move to today’s topic now. 😉 As on every Tuesday, I’m showing you some cool trend inspirations. Actually, I couldn’t wait for this topic of the Trendy Tuesday series. Today’s edition is about a trend you can’t miss this season – lace. It appears in various variations and colors. The great thing is, you can style it so individually. Well, lace sometimes has got this reputation of being very girly and sweet. But in fact, it can also be styled in a edgy and cool way (remember this outfit?). That’s why I want to show you two inspiration boards today. In the first one you can find some sweet girly picks. In the second board, I’ve put you together some ideas for edgy combinations with lace.