Hey pretty people,

Jeans, a black top, sneakers and jewels – a combination that actually describes a lot of outfits. The thing is, there are so many ways to style these pieces. Some of you might already know that I love to wear simple clothes with nice details and match them with pieces which give the whole look a classy and glamorous touch. But before adding those extras, I always want to feel good in my basics.


Happy beloved Mother’s day my sweethearts,

I hope you’re all enjoying a great time with your moms today. This post is dedicated to not only my mom but to all those great mothers out there. This day should really be about being grateful and giving something back. It doesn’t matter what you give your mother as a present or how you surprise her. I think the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.


Hi peeps,

They’re pink, white or blue, they’re fluffy and most important, they’re super yummy – does this sound familiar? 😉 Yes, I’m talking about marshmallows. I just love them and after chocolate they’re definitively my favorite sweets. So the outfit I am sharing with you today kind of reminded me of a marshmallow. 😛 You know, a combination of soft pastel tones, a girly bow and some polka dots – sounds like a pack of marshmallows right? 


Hi my sweets,

Sometimes I have these moments when I ask myself  ‘Why did you just do this?’ Do you know these situations? It’s like you are annoyed at yourself. Maybe you always leave to late in the morning or you are a bit touchy if not anything goes how it should. Well, I think everyone has got such a little quirk – I like to call it my little monster. For example, I am a super perfectionist. I always want everything to be flawless. It often happens that I concentrate myself on getting everything done perfectly that I forget about other things – which are probably much more important.


Happy Friday my sweets,

how are you all doing, ready for the weekend? 🙂 As I am writing this post, I am wrapped up in my super cozy scarf. Some of you might have seen it on my snapchat (carmenjenny), lately, it has been snowing here in Switzerland. Yes I wish I was kidding. Actually, it kind of feels a bit strange when I think of how I was wearing a summery dress last week. But luckily, summer has decided to make its comeback in the next few days. We’ll see.. 🙂


Hi loves and happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend so far. Well, lately I’ve been thinking about so many things. For example, have you ever thought about how you appear to others? How do you act when you meet someone for the first time or when you see your friends at the weekend? Of course, these examples are two very different situations. But looking at them together they both tell something about your attitude. Well, characters are influenced by so many attributes. Some people are more keen on adventures while others are more cautious or easy-going.  However, I think there are two traits of character which everyone should have –  a positive way of thinking and confidence


Hello my friends,

Are you all slowly unpacking your summer wardrobe? Well, there is this one piece which will never get out of style in spring summer season – the striped shirt. Whether you go for navy blue, red or black stripes, they just give every outfit a lovely marine-inspired twist. In the look I am showing you today I decided to go for a white shirt with blue stripes from Romwe Fashion.


Hi my sweeties,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Yesterday I took part in a very cool blogger workshop. It was so nice to meet so many lovely people. I was so impressed how each of them had such inspirational stories to tell. I realized that there are so many different reasons to start a blog. I talked to a girl who started her blog because she had a very serious disease. With her articles she could not only help herself and also other people to get through it. So after this workshop I remembered the reason I started blogging.