Happy Friday loves,

Have you all had a good week so far? Well, apart from the usual working days I attended an event from Maison Mollerus last Wednesday. I was so impressed by the beautiful designs and colors they’ve got in their new spring summer collection. Some of you might have already seen the first part of my project with the Swiss label in which I showed you a gorgeous yellow crossbody bag. So today, I would like to share with you the second part of my collaboration with Maison Mollerus. It’s all about a great backpack and how to style it.


Happy Sunday my loves,

Due to this lovely weather I wanted to send you even more happy vibes with some pretty tulips and a spring inspired outfit. So in today’s post I’m gonna show you the first part of a special project. Some of you might have already seen some sneak peeks in my snapchat stories (add carmenjenny). This project is about the new collection of Maison Mollerus which is one of my favorite Swiss brands.


What’s up my loves,

Only two days left until easter! Aw I can’t wait to see the whole family. But I will tell you more about the things I love about easter on Sunday – stay tuned 😉 So let’s move to today’s topic. The white blouse is like THE must-have for spring. You’ll find it in various styles and shapes. Personally, I’m a great fan of this classy piece . You can never go wrong with a white blouse. In the outfit I am showing you today I was wearing one from COS. By the way, I think this store is gonna turn out to be one of my favorites. I love its simple and elegant style.


Hi loves,

How are you all doing? Spring is slowly arriving here in Switzerland – finally! Aaw I just love it. Even though the sun is shining beautifully, the temperatures are still quite chilly. As I am not in the mood for winter jackets anymore I wanted to show you another great way to keep warm during those early spring days. 


Hi my loves!

I hope you’re all doing great. So apart from talking about my outfit today, I want to say something about a topic which seems really important to me. Recently, I noticed more and more how girls around me talk about ideals and stuff like that. Well I’m sure the most of you follow some social media stars on Instagram or on Snapchat – flawless hair, a perfect body and hundreds of likes. I mean, it’s great to see what they’re up to and to get some ideas for new outfits or yummy food recipes. But sometimes it seems to me like the lines between inspirations and ideals are getting a bit blurred.


Bonjour my loves,

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! Well luckily, it’s not over yet. That’s why my suggestion would be – let’s really enjoy this Sunday. So personally, I am in a complete pre-spring mood. You know slowly, I am getting a little bit tired of this cold and wet weather. And as you might have seen on my snapchat (nickname: carmenjenny) the weather here in Switzerland is not really convenient. It’s just snowing and raining all the time. But complaining is over now because spring is just around the corner. 🙂 And our mood shouldn’t only depend on the weather anyway, right? That’s why today, I want to spread some pre-spring vibes which I hope make your temper a little bit brighter. And if you guys already are in a good mood, let’s make it even better.