Trendy Tuesday Travel Special – Colors for Greek Summer Breezes

Hello my loves,

Just take a moment and think of these white houses with their cute blue doors, the colorful flowers, the breathtaking views over the sea and the Mediterranean atmosphere. With its pretty islands like Santorini or Mykonos, Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations at the moment. That’s why I thought the second edition of the Trendy Tuesday Travel Special should be all about outfit inspirations for this wonderful country.

Well, what first comes into my mind when I think of Greek clothing are definitively those gladiator sandals. You know, just like the ancient Greek gods used to wear them. 😉 They are not only very comfortable and perfect to explore those villages but they also give every outfit a fancy upgrade. As the hype about the lace-up shoes is still going on, the selection of gladiator sandals is huge. You will find your perfect pair for sure!

Blue summer breeze

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1 Off-the-shoulder top Madwell / 2 Sunglasses Sheriff&Cherry / 3 Tassel Necklace Topshop / 4 Dress Talhita  / 5 Blue shorts H&M / 6 Blue pouch Star Mela / 7 Crossbody bag Sam Edelman / 8 Gold sandals Ancient Greek Sandals / 9 Sandals Paul Andrew

Let’s move to those typical Greek colors, which are definitively white and blue. They are not only the national colors but they also have quite a big influence on fashion and style. There is no specific definition of Greek fashion but when I imagine myself of enjoying a relaxing day on the beach or taking a nice stroll through those Greek villages, I always see myself wearing a white dress with some pretty blue embroidered details. Of course red prints are very typical as well and just as nice. So no matter which color combination you prefer, just be sure to go for these wide pieces that blow in the warm summer breezes while you’re enjoying those amazing views over the sea.

Red summer breeze

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1 March11 / 2 Pink Sunglasses Sheriff&Cherry / 3 Hat Mira Mikati / 4 Red top March11 / 5 Bag Fendi / 6 Purse Star Mela / 7 Red Sandals Steve Madden / 8 Gold sandals Giovanotto Rossi / 9 Embroidered shorts Michael Kors

Well, I have the impression that we are now all ready for a trip to Santorini – what do you think? Just kidding, but let me know about your plans for summer, I’m so curious! Have a wonderful rest of your day my friends; thank you so much for stopping by.

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