Safari Travel Guide

Pink sunsets, zebras crossing the streets and incredible vast plains – Africa is such an amazing place. And I’m so sorry for not posting for such a long time my sweets. After seven days of Safari which was beautiful but also very exhausting, a relaxing break in Zanzibar was definitively needed. I decided to really take a break . Now, I am all the more excited to to finally share with you the experiences of my journey through the national parks of Tanzania.

First of all, I had never thought that I would be so amazed by a safari trip. I really like animals, the nature and everything but I’ve never been super excited about all this stuff. Anyway, this definitively changed after seven days of Safari which made me also realize so many things about life and how cultures can be so different (read more about this topic in my previous post). That’s also why I would recommend a tour like this to all of you guys. If you’ll ever get the chance, go for it! 🙂 And to make your safari trip a great one, I want to share with you ten tips and things to keep in mind.

1. Travel with your best friend (like I did), your sister or brother or family – just be sure you won’t get annoyed of each other after a couple of days. 😉

2. Animals love pastel colors so wear a pretty olive green, beige or soft pink colored clothes. If you choose striking colors for your outfit, the animals will get aggressive and the mosquitos are gonna love you definitively more than you want them to…

3. Pack some warming clothes too! It can get really cold in the evening and in the morning. 

4. Get a good camera – you’re gonna hate yourself if you can’t capture all these amazing experiences.

5. Book a good safari guide, otherwise you probably won’t see all the animals. The best thing is to contact a travel agency in your country.



6. Be sure to take a hand sanitizer with you – you’ll need it, I promise you.

7.  You are gonna love yourself if you have some comfy sneakers with you – and a backpack. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a professional hiker. I just got myself a nice backpack from Zara (this one from Topshop is great too)

8. Prepare yourself to get to know a completely different culture. I just say, Hakuna Matata 😉

9. During your whole trip, don’t eat anything which is not cooked or cannot be pealed. Even if the salad looks super yummy – you’re on the safe side if you just wait for it until you’re back home.

10. Be sure to get some days off after your safari trip – I’d never thought amazing impressions could be so exhausting as well. I think the best thing is to find yourself a pretty hotel where you can relax and let everything settle down a bit. Just like I spent a week in lovely Zanzibar – btw you’re gonna see more on the blog about this stay very soon. 😉

Apparently, there are a lot of things to remember when you go on a safari. It’s definitively not like any other holiday – at least for me. But it’s just so unique and you will never forget about this time for your whole life. So, I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this little guide and scrolling through the pictures – let me know what you think. I wish you a lovely rest of your weekend my lovies, take care!

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Photos by Guenda and Carmen