Gymnastikanzüge, Leggings und viel Neon – die 80er-Jahre waren eine prägende Zeit für die Mode. Heute tauchen die Trends in adaptierter Form wieder in den Kollektionen der High-Fashion Designer auf. Tatsächlich kommt diese Inspiration nicht von ungefähr.

Yes Monsieur – motto shirts with texts like these exist in several variations from various designers. Those sayings are nice, but it’s not like they would make the whole outfit. Wearing a tee with a slogan demands a combo with a certain specialness. One possibilty to add in a twist is tying classic knot. This easy hand grip can change your whole outfit while making it look very easy-going at the same time. Of course it works for a plain shirt as well. If you prefer to stick one part of it into your trousers, go for it. You can also pair it with some nice accessories or a casual denim jacket. As long as you modify your looks in simple ways like these, they will look more interesting and unique. After all, everyone can combine a T-shirt with some trousers. 🙂