Hi loves,

How are you all doing out there? Well, some of you might have already noticed that I have a little crush for mixing elegant and casual pieces in one outfit. Especially for those everyday looks, it’s a great way to neither appear underdressed nor overdressed. Another positive thing about mixing those two styles is the potential of feeling super comfy which I think is really important. 


Hi peeps,

They’re pink, white or blue, they’re fluffy and most important, they’re super yummy – does this sound familiar? 😉 Yes, I’m talking about marshmallows. I just love them and after chocolate they’re definitively my favorite sweets. So the outfit I am sharing with you today kind of reminded me of a marshmallow. 😛 You know, a combination of soft pastel tones, a girly bow and some polka dots – sounds like a pack of marshmallows right?