Hi peeps,

So I have always been the girl who liked everything glittery and sweet. Of course, little Carmen always wanted to be a princess. 🙂 As I got a bit older, in my early teenage years, I was in a phase in which I acted a bit differently. You know, I preferred everything cool and I started to wear more edgy clothes. I was in this – let’s call it skater-girl-mood. 

Hi my loves,

Spring is the season to finally wear those dresses, shorts and crop tops again. Aaw I just love it. Even though the weather has been really nice and warm lately, I like to have something with me which I can flick over my shoulder. You know, it’s still a bit fresh in the morning and some of these air conditioners make me feel like hanging around in a freezer – well at least almost. 😉 So one trend this season is definitively the bomber jacket. What I love about the bomber is its cool cut which gives every outfit a super cool and edgy twist. As there has been such a hype about the bomber jacket it is now available in various styles and it can be styled in so many different ways.


Hi my sweets,

Sometimes I have these moments when I ask myself  ‘Why did you just do this?’ Do you know these situations? It’s like you are annoyed at yourself. Maybe you always leave to late in the morning or you are a bit touchy if not anything goes how it should. Well, I think everyone has got such a little quirk – I like to call it my little monster. For example, I am a super perfectionist. I always want everything to be flawless. It often happens that I concentrate myself on getting everything done perfectly that I forget about other things – which are probably much more important.


Bonjour my loves,

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! Well luckily, it’s not over yet. That’s why my suggestion would be – let’s really enjoy this Sunday. So personally, I am in a complete pre-spring mood. You know slowly, I am getting a little bit tired of this cold and wet weather. And as you might have seen on my snapchat (nickname: carmenjenny) the weather here in Switzerland is not really convenient. It’s just snowing and raining all the time. But complaining is over now because spring is just around the corner. 🙂 And our mood shouldn’t only depend on the weather anyway, right? That’s why today, I want to spread some pre-spring vibes which I hope make your temper a little bit brighter. And if you guys already are in a good mood, let’s make it even better.


Happy Valentine’s Day my sweeties!

So here it is, the day of love ♥ Whatever your current relationship status looks like, today I think you should just appreciate the people around you. Of course it’s about boyfriends and girlfriends in the first place. But if that’s not the case at the moment just celebrate this day with your best friend and spread some love for everyone. In Finland for example it’s not only the day for couples but it’s also the official day of friendship – so why not follow this lovely idea. This doesn’t mean you have to buy chocolate and flowers for all of your friends. By the way, how many roses do you think are given each Valentine’s day?