Yes Monsieur – motto shirts with texts like these exist in several variations from various designers. Those sayings are nice, but it’s not like they would make the whole outfit. Wearing a tee with a slogan demands a combo with a certain specialness. One possibilty to add in a twist is tying classic knot. This easy hand grip can change your whole outfit while making it look very easy-going at the same time. Of course it works for a plain shirt as well. If you prefer to stick one part of it into your trousers, go for it. You can also pair it with some nice accessories or a casual denim jacket. As long as you modify your looks in simple ways like these, they will look more interesting and unique. After all, everyone can combine a T-shirt with some trousers. 🙂


Hi my sweets,

Finding the right words is not always that easy. So instead of saying what we really think, we sometimes tend to find excuses. Lately, I’ve also noticed how people often pretend to like something just to be accepted by others. When it comes to compliments, a lot of people just flatter each other in order to benefit of some wannabe friendships. Well, I like to give compliments – and of course I also like to get them – but only if they’re honest.


Hello my friends,

Are you all slowly unpacking your summer wardrobe? Well, there is this one piece which will never get out of style in spring summer season – the striped shirt. Whether you go for navy blue, red or black stripes, they just give every outfit a lovely marine-inspired twist. In the look I am showing you today I decided to go for a white shirt with blue stripes from Romwe Fashion.