Hi my loves,

What’s your favorite color – blue, green, white or maybe pink? Well of course this can change a bit depending on your mood. But basically, do you have this one favorite color? When it comes to clothes, it  also depends on the occasion of course. Black, white and nude tones are like these basic colors which probably everyone has got in their wardrobe. But there are also these situations in which you want a little pop of color in your look right? 


Happy Friday my sweets,

how are you all doing, ready for the weekend? 🙂 As I am writing this post, I am wrapped up in my super cozy scarf. Some of you might have seen it on my snapchat (carmenjenny), lately, it has been snowing here in Switzerland. Yes I wish I was kidding. Actually, it kind of feels a bit strange when I think of how I was wearing a summery dress last week. But luckily, summer has decided to make its comeback in the next few days. We’ll see.. 🙂

IMG_1012 (3)

What’s up peeps!

I’m so happy to finally share an outfit with you which I was wearing some days ago. I shot it with my friend who – I’m so sad about that – is going to Australia for a while. And she’s already leaving next Monday! That’s why we had a great last shoot before she’s enjoying her time in great down under. We had a really good time and I totally loved my outfit.

Well, this season has been all about long coats. If you haven’t got one in your winter wardrobe yet you should really give it a try! I’m sure you’ll love it. You know, a long coat keeps you warm, it looks great with skinny jeans or with a dress – actually you can wear it in so many ways. So here I wanna show you one possibility of styling your super dramatic long coat. 🙂