A T-Shirt is not always a T-Shirt. Sometimes, it’s a statement which shows the attitude of the person who is wearing it. One of those examples is the #TeamKarl tee from Karl Lagerfeld x Steven Wilson – not only because it’s a special edition. It’s the hashtag, which really makes the difference.


Hello my lovies,

I wish you all a lovely Friday! Today’s post is all about how to make pink clothes and accessories look chic in a cool biker style. You know, pink often has this reputation of being sweet and girlish. Of course it is a very soft and cute color. But you can also wear pink pieces in  more edgy style. 🙂 So with my ensemble, I want to give you guys some inspiration for how to rock that biker look with some touches of pink.


Hi my friends,

In today’s post I don’t only want to share an outfit with you guys. I’m also gonna talk about another topic which is very important to me. I want to say thank you to everyone of you. There’s no anniversary or something like this today. But who says you always need a special occasion to be grateful? That’s why I want to say:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!


Welcome to my new site!

I’m so happy that you found your way back to carmitive.com. You may have noticed that everything looks a bit different and there are some more features as well. This makeover should also stand for new beginnings. Everyone knows them whether you start a new job or move to a different place. New beginnings can be scary but sometimes you just have to give it a try. One day you’ll look back and you’ll be happy about it. 😉

Well, in my first blog post which shows up in the new design I wanna share with you a look which I wore some days ago.