Hello my loves,

You can wear it everyday, with everything and in various styles – denim is one of the most versatile materials ever. Since it has appeared for the first time in the mid of the 19th century, it has never got out of style and this probably won’t change in the future. You can’t deny it, denim is just a classic for every wardrobe. Wether you go for the legendary 501 Levi’s jeans, a denim jacket or some fancy denim accessories, these pieces will look great in so many combinations. Also, denim is just one of the most comfortable materials to wear.


They make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better – best friends are so precious and so is the time you spend with them. It’s so important to be grateful for having someone in our lives with whom we can talk and laugh about everything and of whom we know that he will always stand by our sides. That’s why today’s post is dedicated to all you best friends out there. 


Hi loves,

How are you all doing out there? Well, some of you might have already noticed that I have a little crush for mixing elegant and casual pieces in one outfit. Especially for those everyday looks, it’s a great way to neither appear underdressed nor overdressed. Another positive thing about mixing those two styles is the potential of feeling super comfy which I think is really important. 


Hi my sweethearts,

Sometimes, it doesn’t need that much to feel those holiday vibes. Some days ago, it only took a girly dress, a pretty location, a good atmosphere – and suddently I felt like I was walking through the streets of a sweet greek village. Well unfortunately, I was still in Switzerland – which is almost the same. 😛

Hello darlings,

Not too short and not too long – a midi skirt has just the perfect length and it’s definitively one of the most wanted pieces this season. What I love about the midi skirt is how amazingly versatile it is. Depending on the occasion, you can style it with sneakers, stilettos or sandals. As there has been such a big hype about midi skirts lately, they are available in various styles.


Hi my sweethearts,

Are you all enjoying a nice and sunny weekend? As you can see in these pictures, the sun has finally decided to stay a bit longer here in Switzerland – it was definitively high time! These sunbeams do not only turn everyone into a good mood – it’s finally time for ice cream again –  they also make you wanna give your summer wardrobe a little update. Well at least that’s how I feel. What about you guys, what do you love about those sunny days? 🙂


Two sisters, two homes and one passion.

My lovies, I am so happy to finally share with you the story of Kinsfolk – a Swiss based brand for jewelry and scarves with their roots in Sri Lanka. Some of you might have already seen some glimpses in my snapchat stories (carmenjenny). It was only one month ago when I started my internship at Kinsfolk. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so far and I feel very honored to be a part of their team.


Hi my sweets,

There are these days on which I am not really in the mood to dress up that fancy. That’s when I like to keep my outfit simple and comfy. But even though I choose some casual pieces in these looks, I never want them to look boring. There should be this little extra which gives the whole outfit something a bit exciting. So today’s look was inspired by a trend which was the topic of one of my latest Trendy Tuesday series – Prints! Well to be exact, to mix them up. 🙂